Best Swimsuits for Physical Therapy

While there are so many benefits to physical therapy in the water, the reality is that not everyone can swim. In fact, some people may have a fear of drowning because they lack swimming skills. There are tools that a physical therapist may use to help, or they may hold you up in the water while you do the water exercises that they want you to. This can be embarrassing and further hurt ones confidence. What you need is a swimsuit option that gives you the freedom to move while helping you out in the pool.

Dolfinus was first launched in 2007 and became popular all over the world. The goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy swimming, no matter what medical condition that stops you from enjoying the water. Dolfinus created to help lift the center of gravity on your body, allowing you to swim with little effort. Because of this design, you can be more confident during your physical therapy sessions. You want to be safe while making your body stronger.

For instance, someone who hurt their back or is recovering from knee surgery may not be able to do traditional exercises. Exercising in water takes the stress off of your body and allows one to move slowly to avoid any further injuries or to affect previous injury, while still providing the workout you need.

Our swimsuits are beneficial for physical therapy because it helps a person have an easier time floating during their sessions. These swimsuits are going to give you the confidence you need, no matter what your skill level in the pool is. Dolfinus also offers various sizes for all. To learn more about Dolfinus swimwear, check out our website:

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