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World's First Non-Sinkable Swim Shorts - Keep Everyone Afloat

We believe that swimming is for everyone to enjoy without any limitations

We are proud of our incredible heritage and our commitment to ensuring high quality products and customer service.

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Dolfinus was born in 1999 inside a 20-year old veteran textile company located in the beautiful lands of Turkey. With old fashion values and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction our product has evolved over time. In the last 20 years we have gone over 300 designs determined to develop the World’s First Non-Sinkable swimwear that’s right for you.

Today our swimwear has been patented worldwide to be enjoyed by everyone, from children to men and women everywhere. Our swimwear was designed for anyone that loves water no matter what level of swimmer you are, whether it’s your first day in the water or you’re a professional swimmer. When it comes to water we all know you could never be too safe, especially when it comes to children.

At Dolfinus we want to make sure everyone is enjoying the waves while still being safe. Our high performance and functional swimwear was designed with Nanotechnology foam that seals out any air pockets to help you stay afloat by acting as a lifeguard. We have designed our swimwear with the buoyancy of water in mind. The lifting force of water is located around the mid-chest area, and the center of gravity is located around the pelvic area which is responsible for dragging us down. The built in Nanotechnology foam aids you by lifting the core of your body to help you swim effortlessly.

By keeping your body afloat this relieves some of the water pressure and conserves your energy. Swimming has shown to be an effective way of rehabilitation it has shown to relieve joint and back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and other injuries. Whatever your reason is for getting in the water we are sure of one thing, you will love your swimwear!

Why swimming? What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming has many physical and mental health benefits starting with being a thorough workout but yet gentle on your body. This is an exercise that everyone could practice, all ages and all fitness levels can benefit from swimming. Get the cardio you are looking for without the damaging impact on your joints, but at the same time achieving muscle definition. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running. If you suffer from asthma swimming has shown to be very beneficial, it is a great breathing exercise that helps expand lung capacity.

Studies have shown that swimming can help MS patients reduce pain and improve fatigue and depression. Swimming is also recommended for managing stress, swimming promotes natural endorphins that release happy hormones that help with relaxation and help boost your mood. Don’t miss out on all the fun and great benefits that swimming can provide, get your Dolfinus non-sinkable swimwear now and start benefiting.


Be mindful that even though we stand by the quality and reliability of our products, we do not guarantee the safety of our customers in the water. We believe that no product or service, no matter how beneficial, could make such a promise.
We urge parents to always supervise their children whenever they are in or near water, regardless of the safety precautions they have taken, including the choice of swimwear.
We believe swimming is for everyone, but water safety comes first and should be observed by all.

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