How do I select the correct size?
Please select your approximate weight and you are assured for fitting.

My Size is not listed, what should I do?
If your size is not listed in this category, change other categories to find your correct size.

Are these swimsuits acceptable at school?
Yes, this product is like any other swimwear, however, includes a floatable feature to secure your child’s safety in the water.

What style of swim trunks should men wear?
Men can wear any colour or design they desire to fit their prefered style.

Can I wear my Dolfinus swim shorts outside the pool? 
Yes, you can wear Dolfinus shorts outside the pool.

Does seawater affect the elasticity of Dolfinus swimwear, if not washed after use? 
Seawater does not affect the elasticity of Dolfinus swimwear even if it is not washed after use.

Will Dolfinus swim wear be affected if I spray perfume or cologne on it? 
Perfume and cologne does not affect Dolfinus swimwear once sprayed on the shorts.

How long can Dolfinus swim wear last in the water? 
Dolfinus swimwear can last however long you prefer to be in the water

How long can I float while wearing my Dolfinus shorts? 
Dolfinus shorts can stay afloat  for however long you stay in the water.

Can sharp objects affect Dolfinus swim wear from floating? 
No, sharp objects do not affect the performance of Dolfinus swimwear.

Are Dolfinus shorts heavy on the waist? 
No, Dolfinus shorts are not heavy on the waist

Can I buy three or more pairs?
Yes, you can buy as many pairs as you’d like (there is no limit).

Can I buy Dolfinus shorts for my grandma?
Yes, Dolfinus shorts can be worn by seniors as well; a bonus is that it provides seniors extra safety in case of an incident.

How do I know my size?
Dolfinus swimwear sizes are coordinated with your weight, therefore, customers must their weight before picking their size and purchasing.

Can I customize my own shorts?
Yes, you can customize your own pair Doflinus shorts with styles and colours.

Do I get a refund if not satisfied?
Yes, all customers can get a refund if not satisfied with Dolfinius swimwear.

What if the item I received is damaged or low quality? 
If the item you received is damaged or low quality, you may exchange and get a new pair.

When will my order arrive?
Shipping takes 1-2 days; then your order will arrive approximately in 3-5 business days

Can I track my order?
Yes, you can track your order.

Where is Dolfinus based? 
Dolfinus is based in Canada and products are manufactured in turkey.

How can I make my Dolfinus shorts last long? 
By washing Dolfinus swimwear after each use, the shorts will last long and remain proper.

What if my Dolfinus shorts do not fit well? 
If Dolfinus shorts do not fit well, you can exchange them and get a different size.

What if I receive the wrong order?
If you receive the wrong order, you may contact us atinfo@dolfinus.com.

How do I cancel my order?
There is an option next to your order for cancelation.

I did not receive an order confirmation?
If order confirmation is not received, contact us atinfo@dolfinus.com

How do I return an item? 
There are instructions listed on the website on how to return an item.

How long do I have to return an item?
Customers have 15 days to return an item and must be not worn or used.

Will sand affect the Dolfinus shorts performance in the water?
Sand does not affect Dolfinus shorts’ performance in the water.

Where is Dolfinus shipped from?
Dolfinus is shipped from Turkey

Can I wear Dolfinus shorts to the gym?
Yes, Dolfinus shorts can be worn as regular gym shorts if wanted.

Can Dolfinus shorts sink under any circumstances?
Dolfinus shorts cannot sink under any circumstances.

Are Dolfinus shorts comfortable?
Yes, Dolfinus shorts are comfortable in and out of the water.

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