World's First Non-Sinkable Swim Shorts

  • ✸ Stay afloat
  • ✸ Light weight
  • ✸ Learn to swim effortlessly
  • ✸ Great for all ages
  • ✸ Builds water confidence
  • ✸ Have fun and enjoy the waves


Trouble staying afloat?

Swim shorts that work for you. Dolfinus uses the latest Nanotechnology foam built in around your waist, designed with the buoyancy of water in mind. The built-in Nanotechnology foam aids you by lifting the core of your body to help you stay afloat and swim effortlessly.



Get your boost with our Non-Sinkable swim shorts, you will find the confidence you need! This is a great learning swimming tool for beginners and intermediate swimmers. Our Non-Sinkable swim shorts works by angling the swimmers body in the correct swimming position. Ideally in a horizontal and streamlined position, the shorts take care of your mid core and legs by keeping them afloat allowing swimmers to experience a more efficient and faster stroke.


Non-Sinkable Swim Shorts - Keep Everyone Afloat

We believe that swimming is for everyone to enjoy without any limitations

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